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Equal Opportunity Paintings    ---    An attempt to liberate shape and colour

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The series of paintings entitled 'Reflections' attempts to offer both viewer and artist the opportunity to escape from figurative limitations, by creating works which provide an equal chance for all shapes within the composition to be appreciated without prejudice, since the paintings contain no 'Named' shapes and are born from a process over which the artist has little or no control.

John O' Keeffe:  'I start by photographing the effect of the light on gently moving water, because it offers a continuous flow of unrepeatable anonymous colour shapes beyond my control, which have been created as a result of real life images both natural  and man-made, being subjected to the same deconstructive process irrespective of their importance.
In slicing through this continuously changing sequence of shapes, the camera introduces a strong element of chance into the equation, freezing a unique moment relatively free from my previous experiences and judgment.

 ©2009 John O'Keeffe