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John O' Keeffe was born in Sheffield in 1938 and has lived in Italy since 1971.
He had some early training in art before leaving England, but considers his palette-knife
technique with oils to be a result of isolation from, rather than contact with, others.
He now works from his
studio in Trevignano, a village on the shores of Lake Bracciano near Rome, and from a more recently discovered base in Corsica.
His particular interests are in
people and the environment in which they find themselves, and their attitudes towards communicating with one another.
Shape and colour have always played important roles in his work, and recently in an attempt to escape from the restrictions imposed by 'Figurative' compositions, he has produced a series of 'Abstract' paintings, entitled, 'Reflections -- An attempt to liberate shape and colour'.
exhibitions are usually based on a theme; the most recent ones being 'Bodyspeak', 'On my travels', 'Escale en Corse', 'From slow-lane to hard shoulder', and, 'Reflections'.

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Prices range from 300 to 1,500 (=UK Pounds Sterling) unframed.

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